Name: Aileen D. Mc Kamey
Birth Date: Apr 28, 1925
Death Date: Mar 02, 2008
Birthplace: Harlan, Kentucky
Resided In: Batley Community of Anderson County
Funeral Home: Sharp Funeral Home
Visitation Date: Mar 05, 2008
Visitation Time: N/A
Visitation Location:
Service Date: Mar 05, 2008
Service Time: N/A
Service Location:
Cemetery Date: Mar 05, 2008
Cemetery Time: 3:00 P.M.
Cemetery Location: Smith Cemetery
Aileen D. McKamey, age 82, a resident of the Batley Community died Sunday, March 02, 2008 at NHC in Oak Ridge.

Mrs. McKamey was born April 28, 1925 in Harlan, Kentucky.
She his lived in this area most of her life.

Mrs. McKamey was a homemaker, a loving mother, and grandmother. She was a member of the Poplar Creek Baptist Church.

She was preceded in death by her husband; Carl McKamey, by a daughter; Polly Sue Knight, and by her parents; James Earl and Mary Polly Ward Andrews.

She is survived by a daughter; Peggy Brown and husband Judd of Oak Ridge, by two sons; Floyd McKamey of Clinton and James McKamey and wife Juanita of Clinton, by eight grandchildren; Mark Brown, Gregory Bunch, Adam Bunch, Brian Knight, Bobby Patterson, Denise Taylor, Phillip Bunch, and Mary Lloyd. She is also survived by two sisters; Eunice Andrews of Bristol, and Mae Watts of Houston, Texas, and by a host of extended family members and friends.

A graveside service will be held Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 3:00 pm at the Smith Cemetery in Batley with Rev. Kenneth Seeber officiating. Grandsons will serve as pallbearers. Sharp Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements. An online register book is available at

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I was just told that grandma Aileen had passed away from Glenda Sears. I saw my grandma at Mae Watts home in Houston each time she came to visit as I was growing up. She was so glad to see me every time and I always felt the love she had for me. I'm searching for my dad, FLoyd and I would love to meet my family. Jul 08, 2010
Christine Mc Kamey/Sausage (Sealy, Texas USA)
Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of your beloved: Mrs Aileen Mc Kamey, even though I did not know her, but I know how sad is when someone you love dies, at such times we need to go to God's word for comfort. The Bible makes the promise: Your dead ones will live..they will rise up Isaiah 26:19, if a man die shall he live again? asked the man Job long ago Job 14:14. Perhaps you, too, have wondered about this. How would you feel if you knew that a reunion with your love ones was possible right here on earth under the best of conditions? The faithful man Job was speaking about waiting in the grave until the time came for God to remember him. He said to Jehovah God "You will call, and I myself shall answer you, for the work of your hands you will have a yearning, and also Jesus Christ promised at John 5:28,29 that those in the memorial tombs will hear Jesus Christ voice and come out. When the enemy death strikes our grief can be great that is why we wanted to share our hope of the resurrection from the Bible for our dead love ones. May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief. Sincerely Apr 05, 2008
Ana Flores (Knoxville, TN. USA)
My Mother, There are so many memories im going through today. Her strong spirit and loving Mother. She had a independance about her and i find myself having that also. My family, Kimberley, Johnny Jr., I think often of our childhood and the times we spent with you. I miss so many things. It is so good to hear from you. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Mar 05, 2008
Peggy (Oak Ridge, TN )
Society will tell you that you must have a large home up to date with the finest vehicles and many other simmilar things to be happy. But if there is one thing I learned form Aileen was you didn't have to have anything. Her joy was here children, her garden and a well kept home. I admired her for her hard work and the smiles that no one could take away. I will always remember that no matter how little or how much she had nothing changed her personaity and the love she showed toward others. Mar 05, 2008
Adam Bunch (Eto wah, TN United States)
Dearest Family, My brother, Johnny Jr., and I are so very sad that your mother/Aunt Aileen has gone from your presence. I remember her, vividly, pointing her shotgun through the small hole on her front porch. She told me she was going to "shoot those crows". I asked her how many times did she have to shoot. She replied, "One time." I admire her spirit and her ability to do anything she wanted to do. She was a true "woman" and I loved her inner spirit. I also loved her home because it was my size! Her water pump in the kitchen that I could not keep from touching and the outhouse that taught me where I come from....We are there with you in spirit and hope to see you soon. Kimberly Clawson-Butts/Craig Butts (Children: Sam Morgan Jr.(Bo),Kristen Butts,Melissa Butts) and Johnny Clawson Jr./Dalene Felder-Clawson (Son: Johnny Clawson III (Trey) Mar 04, 2008
Kimberly Clawson-Butts (Onalaska, Texas United States)
Floyd,Peggy and Jim, We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom.She will be sadly missed. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Rusty and Shelby Kelley,Helen and Edna White Mar 04, 2008
Shelby Kelley (Clinton, Tenn )
She was my Mother In Law. She believed in Jesus and was a good person. I agree with Kimberly, she was independent and could handle anything by herself ... and what a good cook. I will miss her. Mar 04, 2008
Judd Brown (Oak Ridge, TN U.S.A.)
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