Name: Helen Elizabeth Abston
Birth Date: Feb 23, 1935
Death Date: May 15, 2011
Birthplace: Roane County, Tennessee
Resided In: Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Funeral Home: Sharp Funeral Home
Visitation Date: May 18, 2011
Visitation Time: N/A
Visitation Location:
Service Date: May 18, 2011
Service Time: N/A
Service Location:
Cemetery Date: May 18, 2011
Cemetery Time: 1:00 P.M.
Cemetery Location: Elverton Cemetery
Helen Elizabeth Abston, 76, a resident of Oliver Springs, passed away, Sunday, May 15, 2011, at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge.

Helen was born February 23, 1935 in Roane County. She is a lifelong resident of this area.

Helen was most recently employed at Food City in Oliver Springs for the past 11 years, however she previously worked at Austin's IGA in Harriman for 25 years, Brunner's Grocery in Oak Ridge and Oak Ridge Bi-Rite.

She was a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and a member of the Elverton Baptist Church.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles Ray Abston, Sr., by daughters, Charlotte and Donna Jean Abston and by her parents, Carl and Mae Gann Lane and by a granddaughter, Kendra Rea Abston.

Helen is survived by a son, Charles "Dusty" Abston, Jr. and wife, Nicole of Coalfield, by daughters; Sheila Hicks and husband, Billy of Harriman, Mary Tuck and husband, Mickey of Oliver Springs, Jackie Abston of Knoxville and Carol Shultz and husband, Danny of Kingston, by 7 grandchildren, by 6 great-grandchildren, by brothers; Ronald Lane and wife Cleda of Harriman, Carl Lane Jr. of Chattanooga, Charles Lynn Lane and Connie Lee Lane of Harriman.

She is also survived by nieces, nephews, extended family members, special friends including her co-workers at Food City.

Graveside services and burial will be held Wednesday, May 18, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. at the Elverton Cemetery with Pastor Ken Johnson officiating. In lieu of flowers the family request memorial contributions be made to the American Heart Association. Sharp Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements. An online guest book is available at

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Sare (MnH850YMfO, Buu8NvmVmsR O9uwfwEI)
hi mommy it has been so long miss u so much,wish mikee here need u so bad life has been hard since u been gone everthing has went all to h--.i love u mommy i just cant stand it it still hurts so bad u were my mommy my friend my shopping buddy for what i hate to do anymore.sorry missed it up i love u so and miss u got to go maybe want be so long next time whose nos maybe see u soon love u May 21, 2015
mary ann (, )
hey r u doing mommy how i miss you so much and miss you still a hole lot just like it just happen. michael is gone to the wrestling in knox tonite i got him an mick tickets for there birthday i hope they have a good time i no they will mike loves it. he loves u an miss u so much him an bailey have got so big growing up a storm well mommy going to go now love u and poppy Oct 18, 2013
mary ann (osc9, )
hey mommy just wanted to tell you happy mothers day and i love you. it has been to years mommy and mommy it seens as it was just today. i told charlie joe when jean died it dont get no better or easier it is just something you have to live with and it hurst mommy, i just miss you so and just having a bad day and needed to talk to you. pepsiman came up yesterday for a while it was good to see,to him he calls all the time so tell poppy that he does check in on us calls me but ask about everyone well mommy i have to go now here cmes the kids it stays busy all the time, so happy mothers day mommy and i love you and miss you everyday more and more give poppy a kiss for me love you and lonely for you May 11, 2013
maryann (os, )
hey mommy i love you dan finally got to come home for carol thank you and god for watchinh over him love you got to go Apr 28, 2013
mary annos (, )
god mommy i miss you so bad my heart ant getting no better it still hurts bad for you I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO Feb 10, 2013
mary ann (os, )
hey mommy my second birthday without you it geta harder to think about another year without you. i miss you so much nobody to talk to it gets lonely so i guess i will so see you soon please take care of dan for carol mommy i love you very much. Feb 04, 2013
mary ann (o.s, )
hey mommy just wanted to tell you happy birthday and love you and miss you very much. michael and bailey said the same and they miss you very much. this is the second birthday without you and gets lonelerever year.momommy i love you so much. mommy please heav god to take care of dan for carol and bring him home safe to her pleasr got to go love you and poppy. Jan 23, 2013
mary ann (o.s, )
Dear me me i miss you so much and wanted to tell u happy birthday i love you more than u could ever image you will forever be in my heart love u Jan 23, 2013
bailey tuck (oliver springs tn, Tn)
hey mommy it me again cant get me to go away can you. well you have audrey up there now dont forget to bake her your chocclate cake she always liked.well mommy xmas almost here it is still lonley with out you. god mommy i miss you so. my heart hurts still so bad like it just happen it is not getting any easier i try but it is still just like yesterday or today, i try mommy but still hurts you was my best friend my rock i dont have that now with no one it lefted when he took you away from me. i try and try but just dont no what to do. i start to call you all the time but dont do no good you ant there. mommy i need you so bad dont have no one to talk to no more, jackie is still here but that dont help none i dont no what to do but i love you and miss you so and so does michael he loves his mimi, got to go now merry xmas mommy an poppy love you guys forever and always Dec 10, 2012
mary ann (o.s, )
hey my darling mommy i miss you so i love you the holidays are coming up and i am noy looking forward to them you want be homwith us just in our hearts but it is still hard i miss you and the good food ha ha. nobody can cook like you did you made everything with love owe how i wish you were here but you was so sick that night but i didnt think he was ready for u already but i guess you are happy now you are with all the people you lost and loved. i no you love you loved us and miss us just like we miss and love you and poppy got to go now love you talk to you,soon love you both Oct 05, 2012
mary ann (os, )
hey pretty ladie just let oyu no how much i love you and miss you. gosh mommy i need you.things ant going good or looking to go love you Sep 12, 2012
mary ann (os, )
hey my sweet ladie who i love and miss so much. i got it back now so i can talk to you a lot of problems going on right mommy. i sure wish u were here so i could talk to oyu about them. having to have alot of test mom they think something is wrong with my brain, they thank i have lung cANCER BUT U NO WHAT U TOLD ME ME I WAS A SURvior i hope that is true u never lied to me that i no of. michael just came in so got to go talk to you later love and miss u , he is still having problems with u not not being here Sep 03, 2012
mary ann (os, )
Hello my sweet mommy this is the first time that i set down to write to u. I miss u moomy so much so much has happened to me since u been gone. Im at marys right now u would b happy right now im no longer with darrell. I think of the first and only time that I got to take u shopping I really enjoyed it was planning on us going again but u left me. I wished I have had done it sooner. we got ur favorite floer for chirstmas and we will keep doing it every year becasue we know u like them. U will alaway have flower at chirstmas. are u hold my baby girl close to ur heart give her a big hug and kiss for me and tell her that I love and miss her and daddy to I miss him to. Love u mommy and I miss u more and more everyday Jun 18, 2012
Jackie (os, )
hi mommy just wanted to tell you that i love you and miss you and miss you. bailey and michael love you to and miss you. talk to you later love you Jun 18, 2012
mary ann and bailey ann , michael (os, )
hi mommy finaly get to talk to you again. it has been a long lonely year without you here i love you and miss you so much. jackie is living here with me now. talk to you later love you Jun 09, 2012
mary ann (o .s, tn )
Almost one year - how time flys. Miss you so much. Not a day that I don't want to pick up the phone and talk to you. Just to hear your voice one more time. I know that your in heaven with Dad, mom and papaw, and all the other and I miss each and every one of you. I miss our talks every morning over coffee on the phone. One of these days we will be rejoicing together. I will see you all then. I love and miss you very much. Apr 28, 2012
Your loving daughter - Shelia (Harriman, TN USA)
Gosh, I wish I would have had that information eraleir! Feb 01, 2012
Janess (fTjCRKiOh, BCluZhVIT pUMFCKuV)
Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of your beloved: Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Abston,. May you continue to find comfort in the memories that you all shared together, and get comfort from knowing one day sickness will be no more and death will be a thing of the past. Revelation 21:3,4. In times of grief such as these, I find it comforting to meditate on the words found in the Bible at Job 14:14,15. Job expressed his faith that God would bring him back to life if he should fall asleep in death. "All the days of my compulsory service I shall wait, until my relief comes, you will call and I myself shall answer you". The scriptures indicate that it is possible to reunite with your loved one in the near future, right here on earth under peaceful, righteous conditions. Psalms 37:10,11 offers us this promise and also Jesus Christ promised at John 5:28,29 that those in the memorial tombs will hear Jesus Christ voice and come out. When the enemy death strikes our grief can be great, that is why even though I did not know Mrs. Abston. I wanted to share our hope of the resurrection from the Bible for our dead love ones. If you would like more information about the hope of the resurrection, please feel free to get in touch with us. Sincerely Sep 23, 2011
Ceci Ruiz (Knoxville, )
mommy i am so lonely, i have no one to talk to no more. i miss you so much, i love you, and i no you loved me as much. it has been to long mommy i need you here so i can talk to you and and go places and do stuff. and really mommy i just love you and miss you so much. got to go love you and miss you. Jul 26, 2011
mary ann (os, )
Mary I was reading those sweet sweet letters u wrote to your mom, honey u will always miss her but remember she is walking with Jesus and holding to His hand but still watching over her little girl it really don't get easier like everyone tells u we just learn to live with knowing that the one we love have gone on home to be with God and we hope to be with them soon in Heaven everyone loved your mommy you r in my prayers May God send you comfort Jul 14, 2011
Linda(Mrs Billy) Edwards Sr (Oliver Springs, Tennessee Roane)
hi mommy i love you miss you a hole bush. it has been along 9 weeks without you mommy. i love youandn poppy so much. give poppy a kissfor me .i will talk to you later. lovr you forever and always Jul 11, 2011
mary ann (os, )
Hi my lovely mommy. I love you so much, it has been 8 weeks and i still fill the same. all the girls hug me and we just stand there and cry, they miss you alot to mmommy. i missed you calling today to wish me and mick happy 36 wedding annv. it just didnt fill right. i love you and will talk to you later give poppy my love and kisses . Jul 03, 2011
mary ann (os, )
hi mommy it has been 7 weeks and it still is not no better. i love you and miss you, and i always will,give poppy a kiss for me. i love you Jun 27, 2011
mary ann (os, )
Miss you ms. Helen Jun 22, 2011
Ashley Dawson (oliver Springs , Tennessee USA)
Hi, mommy it has been 6 weeks it fells like a life time. i love you and miss you mommy. it is so lonely here with out you.i love you. Jun 20, 2011
mary ann (os, )
mimi i love you all the way around my heart and back around th world and back. and i miss you. i love you and miss you mommy, ilove you meme. Jun 15, 2011
michael, bailey mary ann (os, )
We miss you Ms. Helen Jun 13, 2011
Camilla Frost (Oliver Springs, TN )
mommy it will be 5 weeks tomorrow, i love you, and miss you . Jun 11, 2011
mary ann (os, )
mommy i love you so much. it has been 4 weeks today.i love you Jun 05, 2011
mary ann (, )
hi mommy i guess it is time to let you go i love and miss you.forever Jun 01, 2011
mary ann (, )
well mommy it is night time, just wanted to let you know that i love and miss you bad.give poppy a hug and kissfor meloveyou bothc8 May 31, 2011
mary ann (os, tn )
good moring mommy. it is a beauiful day today. I just wanted to tell you that i love you and miss you like you never believe. i guess you no ruth is up there now. i love you mommy give poppy a kiss for me . i will talk to you later May 30, 2011
maryann (os, tn )
sorry mommy i have not wrote to you in aday.It has been 2 weeks today and it seems like it just happen. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH. well i guess i will go now i am a little tried tonight. maybe i can sleep some to night. mommy please try and help carol she is not doing to good. tell POPPY and the rest I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM. hope to see you very soon May 29, 2011
mary ann (os, tn )
good morning mommy ,i love you and miss you. mick is not doing to good, i cant loose him right now mommy. not after losing my rock and my best friend and my mommy. I love you my beautiful mommy.i have to go but will talk to you later. May 25, 2011
mary ann (, tn os)
So sorry to hear of your loss, My family and I are thinking and praying for all of you. She will be greatly missed. We love all of you.God Bless you all! John and Sheila Gann and family!! May 25, 2011
Sheila Gann (Harriman, Tn. USA)
Good morning mommy I love you. everbody says it will get easier but you know what mommy it gets worse. I love you and miss you .I need you mommy. but I know GOD and POPPY wanted you to come home. help me mommy to understand why? I know you are tonot question why , but I still have to, you know me mommy, I ask to many questions, that is what mickey tells me. got to go now. talk to you later love and miss you dearly. May 24, 2011
mary ann (, tn )
Dusty and family, we were so sorry to hear of your loss. Your mom was such a sweet woman and we will be praying for you all. Stephen, Kathy, Seth, and Kourtney Jackson May 24, 2011
Kathy Jackson (Clinton, TN USA)
Well Mommy it has been a week tonight it was just like it happen , I miss you so much mommy I still dont know whst to do . I am still lost this is the only way i know to talk to you. I LOVE YOU,AND MISS YOU. May 22, 2011
Mary ann (, tn )
Carol and Jackie, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. My heart goes out to you and the other family members. May God comfort you at this time. Kathy Brockwell Carter Carol call me 457-2481 would love to hear from you. May 21, 2011
Kathy Brockwell Carter (Clinton, Tennessee USA)
So sorry to hear of Helen's passing, as a teenager we were very good friends. I had visited with her 4 yrs ago at her Dads funeral. She loved working and all the people she met at work. My sympathies to her entire family. May God Bless You in your loss.c May 20, 2011
Ruth (Gilmore) Wilson (Adrian, Georgia USA)
To Casey - I'm terribly sorry bro. You know we're all here for you if you need anything and if you don't. She was an amazing woman who is followed by an awesome grand son. Your in my prayers. To the family - I'm sorry for your loss. Stay strong and be safe. May 20, 2011
Dale Allen (, North Carolina USA)
I'm sorry for your loss, Helen always greeted me with a kiss on the cheek where ever I ran into her.She always treated everyone with dignity.May she rest in peace now from all her labor here. Love and will miss her smiling face May 19, 2011
Jerry Dyer (Oliver Springs, TN USA )
From Matthew 5;4 Blessed are those who Mourn,For they will be comforted, May 19, 2011
Joyce Bolton (Clinton , Tennessee usa)
Casey ... You have our deepest sympathy in the loss of your Grandmother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope they and your memories will get you through this trying time. Angie and Scott May 18, 2011
Angela Groves (Carmichaels, PA USA)
Mary and the family so sorry for your loss your mother was a very special lady i thought the world of her.Mary i know what its like to loss your best friend i miss my mother every single day it is not the same without her just remember all the time you had with her and hold it dear to your heart they are never far from us . I am here for you.Love you May 18, 2011
Debra West (HARRIMAN, tn )
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Abston and Lane families. I am very sorry for your loss. May 18, 2011
Donna Crabtree (Harriman, TN USA)
Im sorry to hear about your loss you will surely be missed.your in our thoughts and bless the family. May 18, 2011
My sincere sympathy to the family of a very wonderful lady. Many a time when I shopped at Food City she was in my checkout lane. Always friendly, always had a smile. May 18, 2011
June Freels (Clinton, TN USA)
Shelia and family: There are no words that can make things better, but know that all our prayers are with you, and that it is God’s plan and He will lead her from here. You will always have your memories to share and she will always be in your heart. With every new day greet the morning with a prayer and a thought of her, for she will be smiling on you. Trust in God and He will ease your pain. May 18, 2011
Mare (Kingston, TN USA)
Heaven has received yet another special angel. Miss Helen's family, however, has suffered a great loss. I like to think of her as my "extended" family and see her passing as a loss to us. Miss Helen and I worked together at Food City. I considered her a very dear person. She cared for everyone and protected all. Mary Ann, I will keep all of you in my prayers and on my heart. I send much love your way! May 18, 2011
Becky Massengale (Oak Ridge, TN United States)
Heaven has gained an angel...and we have lost a great lady here, God is overjoyed to have her home. May 18, 2011
John and Ginny Miller (Oliver Springs, Tn. usa)
So sorry to hear about Ms. Abston. She always had a smile for us when we saw her in Food City. She will be missed! May 17, 2011
Melissa McKinney (Oliver Springs, TN )
I am so sorry for your lose I only meet Helen a few times at Food City but she was always there and so sweet to talk too.. the Last few times I wondered where she was I will miss you Linda Gentry May 17, 2011
Linda Gentry (Oliver Springs , Tennessee USA )
I miss you my mommy. I dont no what to do with myself. I missed you not calling me this moring and every day , my life is and will never be the same without you here.please tell me what am I going to do i love you my heart is broke. miss and love my bestfriend. an the pertties mommy in the best world Thank you to everyone that loved her she was very special. May 17, 2011
Mary ann (, tn)
Mary Ann & Casey, Your mother/grandmother was a very special person and will be greatly missed. You are in my prayers. May 17, 2011
Janice Henley (Oliver Springs, TN )
Helen will be missed, but one day we will see her again in Heaven! Carol, I am so sorry for your loss! She was a special lady with a big heart for everyone! May 17, 2011
Pam Hughes (Oliver Springs, TN Roane)
My prayers are will be with you all, Helen will be missed very much by all who knew her. She was a very special lady in my life. Heaven has recieved a very special angel. May 17, 2011
Stacy Fritts (Oliver Springs, TN US)
Carol & Dusty~ I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. She was an amazing lady who I enjoyed seeing when I went in FC. Carol, I have missed you all these years and didn't realize this was your mom that I talked to. You guys are in our prayers, hearts and thoughts. Much love. May 17, 2011
Shelley Russell Wright (Clinton, tn us)
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of loss. May these few words help convey our sympathy so hard to express. May 17, 2011
Randy and Melisa Ruffner (Oliver Springs, TN )
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Abston and Lane family. I'm very sorry for your loss. May 17, 2011
Donna Crabtree (Harriman, TN USA)
Maryann, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was such a sweet lady.My heart truly aches for you,Jackie and Dusty. Please know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. May 17, 2011
Jeanne Hill (Oliver Springs, TN )
I worked with Ms. Helen for almost ten years she was very caring person n mother figure to me. I will surely miss her. Mary ann sorry about your loss if you all need anything please let me know May 17, 2011
Ashley Dawson (Oliver Springs, Tennessee USA)
Casey, Your family is in my prayers and thoughts. You are very special to our family and we hope you know how sad we are you right now. May 17, 2011
Kim Whalen (Harriman, TN )
I am so sorry to hear this I was asking about her the other day. She always made sure the ice cream was put in a paper bag before she put it in with the other food. When I was in Food City one day after my Momma went to HEAVEN, I got very upset..she was so nice to me,she talked to me until I was able to get myself together. What a Special Lady. Her smile and kindness will always be remembered. May 17, 2011
Debbie Bunch (Roxie Russell's Daughter) (Oliver Springs,, Tn )
I know you will miss ms Helen . The Lord will give you comfort . I'll be praying for you all . May 17, 2011
Tena Lowe Weaver Bailey (Oliver Springs , Tn )
Helen was always such a sweet lady to me and my family. I remember when I was younger I would go out to eat with her and Chloe Liles. All of you are in my prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do during this difficult time. May 16, 2011
Rebekah Smith (Murfreesboro, TN )
To Mary Ann (and the rest of the family)-you are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Helen was a great coworker at Food City. I would always look forward to our conversations about OS and beyond. You wouldn't think that a 26 yr old and a 70 yr old would hit it off so well, but she and I certainly did! I will always remember her sneaking a grin and winking at me when something funny happened. May 16, 2011
Shannon Potter (Knoxville, TN USA)
to Jackie im sorry to hear about your mother May 16, 2011
Dee Andrews (Clinton, Tennessee Anderson co.(usa))
Dusty & Nicolle, Please accept my deepest sorrow at the passing of your Mother. I pray God will give you the strength to get through this trying time. My love goes out to all of you. may God bless and keep you. Love Nita & Mike Patrick May 16, 2011
Nita Patrick (Oliver Springs, TN )
Mary Ann and Sheila, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. May God comfort you during this sad time. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. May 16, 2011
Clara (Bass) Ricker (Oliver Springs, TN USA)
Mary Ann and Mickey so sorry to hear of your loss. You both have been through so much,my heart goes out to both of you.If there is anything I can do for you all just let me know. May 16, 2011
Brenda Mitchell Jones (Oliver Springs, Tenn. )
helen was a wonderful person i worked with her for 2 yrs at foodcity and she was very caring person more of a mother figure to all of us she will be greatly missed...mary ann and the family im sorry for your lose if you need anything please let me know. May 16, 2011
Heather Lively-Sheldon (Oliver Springs, Tn Usa)
Mary Ann My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.I really looked forward to seeing your mother every time I would go in the store. She is still watching over you and your brothers and sisters. May 16, 2011
Sherry Bass (Oliver Springs, TN USA)
Our entire family dearly loved Helen, and the entire Lane and Abston family. She always had a lovely smile and friendly welcome to all and any of us. Your family is so very special to all of us. May God richly bless and comfort each of you. We love you. With our prayers. The Mullins family, Charles, Mary, Faye, Cathy and Mary Ann and families. May 16, 2011
Faye Presrton (Harriman, Tenn USA)
This world will feel the empty spot you once kept ...Jacob is beside himself to loose his friend...he loves you so much. We all Did...I will always be one of your girls and my heart aches. May 16, 2011
Melody Burney Kerley (Oliver Springs, Tn )
Casey- Sorry for you loss. She was a delight to be around and I know that she will be missed by a lot of people. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May 16, 2011
Michelle (, TN )
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